Need Artificial Grass in La Zenia?

We´ve been installing artificial grass in La Zenia and the surrounding area for more than 10 years now. So, regardless of whether you want a fake turf lawn, a non-slip surface for your pool area, a sports pitch or just to create a beautiful green space on your balcony or roof terrace call us.

It does not matter how big or small the job is or whether you are a homeowner or business owner we have the expertise you need.

Pools – Any Size Garden – Terraces – Balconies – Slopes – Sports Pitches – Play Areas – Hotels – Commercial Landscaping – Bar & Restaurant Terraces 

Artificial Grass Options for La Zenia

Artificial Grass Lawns La Zenia

Regardless of whether you have a small backyard or an acre of land, we can create a beautiful, low-maintenance synthetic lawn for you.

Artificial Grass for Pools & Hot Tubs

No more muddy feet, let us enhance the area around your pool using hard-wearing, slip-resistant fake grass that also drains fast.

Fake Grass for Balconies and Terraces

Balconies & terraces always look better when they are resurfaced with lush green artificial grass. It also feels great underfoot and drains well.

Synthetic Grass for Patios and Paved Areas

Breaking up a large patio or paved area with artificial grass is a quick way to greatly enhance your garden. It adds a splash of year-round green.

Enhance Your Trees, Bushes & Palms

Laying artificial grass around the base of trees, palms, and large bushes greatly enhances the way they look. It also cuts down on weeding.

Create Garden Focal Points With Fake Grass

Want a striking focal point or garden feature? Let us use artificial grass to do this for you. It is incredibly versatile and fast to lay.


Fake Turf for Football and Golf Practice

Whether you want a full-sized, five aside or a practice football pitch we can create it for you. We have also created fake grass putting greens and driving ranges.

Tennis Courts and Bowling Greens

Fake grass makes a good playing surface for tennis, bowls, and a range of other sports. It is easy to maintain, looks good and the surface will remain smooth for many years.

Pet Areas and Kids Play Spaces

Kids and pets love the way artificial grass feels. Because it warms up slower than hardstanding it is usually cooler than the surroundings, so they can usually play out for longer.

Artificial Grass Design and Advice

If you are not sure how to transform your La Zenia outdoor spaces, let us advice you. We can help come up with a design that will work for your garden, roof terrace or balcony.

Artificial Grass Cleaning in La Zenia

Fake lawns, sports fields and pool surrounds are very low maintainence. But they do occasionally need cleaning. We can do this for you or provide you with the equipment you need.

Artificial Grass Patching or Relaying

Modern artificial grass stays in place well and look great for many years. But older products may need to be relaid, patched or repaired, which we will happily do for you.

8 Reasons We Recommend Synthetic Grass

Welcome to the ultimate solution for your lawn problems – installing artificial grass in La Zenia! Here are eight reasons why you should consider it:

1. Low maintenance – say goodbye to watering, mowing, and fertilizing your lawn. With artificial grass, all you need is just a quick hose down every once in a while to keep it looking perfect.

2. Cost-effective – there may be upfront costs involved in installing artificial grass, but think of how much money you’ll save long-term on water bills, gardening tools, and chemicals.

3. Sustainable – in drought-prone areas like La Zenia, conserving water is essential. With artificial grass, you can enjoy a beautiful lawn without using gallons of water every day.

4. Aesthetically pleasing – artificial grass lawns look impressively lush and green, adding an attractive touch to your home’s exterior.

5. Child and pet-friendly – unlike natural grass, artificial lawns don’t attract insects or toxic plants. They’re also sturdy and safe enough for kids and pets to play on.

6. Durability – artificial grass lasts longer than natural grass and can withstand heavy traffic, extreme weather conditions, and occasional wear and tear.

7. No allergies – if anyone in your family suffers from allergies, artificial grass can offer relief since it doesn’t produce any pollen.

8. Low environmental impact – installing artificial grass minimizes the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers that can seep into groundwater.

Don’t wait any longer to enjoy the benefits of artificial grass in your beautiful La Zenia home! Contact us today to learn more about the installation process.